An all include solution for complete and targeted management

IRYS is a efficient and innovative management tool which is adapted to suit any law firms.

IRYS has been studied and developed for:

  • Accelerate the creation and the management of cases,
  • Optimize the operating and the organization of law offices.

IRYS is the indispensable tool for all : attorney, secretaries, and managers.
It knows how to suit to: smaller structures till major offices organized in multi-desks and multi-teams.

IRYS handles the whole aspect of office cases, centralizes and shares the whole information.

IRYS follows advancement of each case: time spent by co-workers, calendar of different events, tasks planning (audiences, appointments, deadlines, etc.).

IRYS assists you in all your invoicing tasks for managed cases based upon the time spent on it or fixed price. Management indicators allow the control of your activities and your client relationship.

IRYS is a communication and sharing tool as well : management of virtual signature books, management of overall centralized calendar, office’s address book management, calls management.

IRYS naturally fits in Microsoft environment as well as in other well-known Open-Source software like: Thunderbird (messaging service), Alfresco (electronic document management), OpenOffice (office software applications), Linshare (secured sharing server).

Features developed by and for the Lawyers

  • Cases and documents management :
    • Setting and Complete cases management (case description, actions details, stakeholders’ records, attachments, juridical assistance, case status...),
    • Advancement of each case: time spent by co-worker, calendar of different events, tasks planning (audiences, appointments, deadlines...),
    • Cases complete life cycle management (creation, publishing, printing, importation, integration, sharing, transmission, blocking, backup...),
    • Virtual signature books.

  • Office organization :
    • Time management (co-workers times entries, value-creation grid, timer…),
    • Calls management (calls management and forwarding, times entries, history, messages taking services...),
    • Calendar (co-workers planning, appointments management, meeting organization, synchronization with your external calendar...),
    • Office software applications tools (Microsoft Word Suite, Open Office, PDF conversion).

  • Office management (ERP) :
    • Invoicing (pre-invoicing, invoicing, subscription process, grading scale manageme...)
    • Regulation: client regulation management, bank remittance, outstanding debts and reminders management...),
    • Accounting: accounts management, accounting entries, receipts synthesis, fiscal years...

  • Contacts management (CRM) :
    • Address book (detailed records, categories sorted contacts, hierarchical levels management and links between contacts, address importation, spreadsheet exportation...),
    • o Diffusion lists (emailings, newsletters...).

  • Integration to well-known and recognized Open-Source software :
    • Thunderbird (messaging service) :integrated messaging service,
    • Alfresco (electronic document management),
    • OpenOffice (office suite applications),
    • Linshare (secured sharing server).

  • User-friendly Interface, state-of-the-art and intuitive, with customizable dashboard.

IRYS in the Cloud

IRYS is an online application, hosted in the TGI Cloud.