Outsourcing presents many advantages including following three axles :

1- Cost-effective benefit :

precasted and controlled costs through a flat-rate monthly invoicing

2- Use advantage :

availability and accessibility.

  • Centralized information systems: Documents, data sharing...
  • Mobile information system : accessible from any workstation, from a simple web browser.
  • Continuous updated information system.

3- Technical advantage :

Security and Efficiency.

Using hosting enables to rely on experts with wide and well-knows skills. An assistance service is available in real time.

Through our hosting solutions, you don’t have to be worried about constraints related to IT (backups, software updates, failure management, hardware upgrade…).

Our technical staff takes care of all, consequently your information system management is in complete transparency.

We then manage your installation both the software level and hardware level. You enjoy through this solutions of our high secured datacenter, of our technical staff savoir-faire and of a 7am to 10pm hotline.